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Award Programs

HRPC-South assists with departmental and organizational recogniiton award programs. To learn more about each of the award programs available click on a link below.

On the Spot (OTS) Awards are provided to employees for individual or team achievements or accomplishments in the South Service Center.

HR & Payroll Center (HRPC) - Administration South orders On the Spot Awards for the following departments:

1. Central Ticket Office (CTO)

2. Facilities Management (FM)

  1. Office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor (AVC)

  2. Maintenance & Alterations (M&A)

  3. Design, Project Management & Operations (DPMO)

  4. Finance & IS

  5. Trouble Call

3. Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S)

4. Events & Transportation (E&T)

5. UCLA Police Department (UCPD)

6. HR & Payroll – Administration South (HRPC – Admin South)

In accordance with UC Policy G-41.V.B.1.Employee Recognition, an employee can receive an OTS award in the amount of $75.00 in the form of a gift card. The maximum of awards an employee can receive in a calendar year is three awards (totaling $225.00). 

NOTE: On-the-Spot and Safety awards combined can only reach the maximum amount of $225.00.



1. Departments submit OTS nomination forms to HRPC-South via email at or hard copy to the office
2. HRPC-South processes award submissions every Tuesday to Campus Purchasing
3. Campus Purchasing disburses gift cards to HRPC-South within 7-10 business days
4. HRPC-South will notify department representatives upon receipt of the gift cards

UCLA’s Staff Appreciation and Recognition (STAR) Plan for FY 2017-2018 guidelines are consistent with Staff Policy 34, Incentive and Recognition Award Plans and provide a basis to recognize staff members for their achievements and outstanding contributions to the department, organization, and/or the campus.

STAR Plan eligibility requirements for policy-covered staff (PSS and MSP) are described in the Guidelines. Highlights are noted below:

Campus departments may contact CHR Compensation Services for questions.

- Awards are in the form of a lump sum and may not exceed 10% of an employee’s base salary or a maximum of $10,000, whichever is less. Organizations may establish lower award limits. (The XSL DOS Code should be used to process all cash awards that fall within the STAR Plan.)

- The Chancellor has delegated authority for approval of any awards that exceed $5,000 to the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, Deans, Vice Provosts, and Vice Chancellors for employees within their jurisdiction. This authority may not be re-delegated.

- Policy-covered staff must be on pay status for at least six months and have successfully completed their probationary period, if applicable; they must be on pay status at the time of the payout to receive an award.

- Please note that the Clerical Unit (“CX”) and UCLA Skilled Trades Unit (“K4”) represented employees are eligible for STAR awards under the same terms and conditions that apply to policy-covered employees.

- All awards require specific documentation of performance and achievements that are the basis for the award. Only those employees who have achieved a performance rating of “meets expectations” or better are eligible to receive an award. Please utilize theCHR Award Nomination Formfor the necessary documentation of award approval.

What is the Team Safety Challenge?

The Team Safety Challenge is an award incentive program designed to remind individual Facilities Management (FM) work units and their respective employees that adhering to safety rules is important because it prevents work injuries from occurring. In addition, each employee is responsible for following safety rules, procedures and protocol because it reduces the likelihood an employee will be injured while performing his/her work duties.

Facilities Management employees can obtain additional information regarding the Team Safety Challenge from their supervisors of the Facilities Management Safety Coordinator.